Garrett Naccarato is an art director and creative consultant currently based out of Montréal, Québec. 

With a real world and holistic approach, Garrett specializes in commercial and editorial creative direction; playing an active role in the creative process, from conceptualization and pre-production to execution, post-production, final layout, design and product. He is constantly chasing that rush.

Having a natural affinity for fashion & lifestyle, he approaches each project with the intention of developing an emotional connection coupled with unique and relevant storytelling, It’s his mission to bring beauty to even the most mundane details; a plastic bag is just another still life.

In his spare time, Garrett can be found talking about fall weather and searching for the latest Ariana Grande remix.  

Features & Awards
Zara | Sid Lee Collective | Applied Arts Magazine | Infopresse 
Contributor Magazine | Flanelle Magazine | Ton Barbier | Trollsen Twins 

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