Editor-in-Chief: Sarah White
Creative Director: Vanessa Daly
Art Director & Graphic Designer: Garrett Naccarato
Producer: Catherine Cloutier
Copywriter: Lindsay Cooper
Photographers: John Londono, Neil Mota, Mathieu Fortin,
Martin LaporteMaxyme G. Delisle, Oumayma B. Tanfous,
Allison Staton, Julien BarbèsStephanie Lou,
Claire Delannoy, Laurie Basset and Egor Tsodov

SID LEE Collective presents Flanelle Book, a 150-page hard cover fashion editorial book created in collaboration with Flanelle MagazineFolio Montréal and creatives from across the globe. Since their conceptions SID LEE CollectiveFlanelle MagazineFolio Montréal have fostered the growth of beautiful things. With common intentions the three creative forces have taken on collaborative spirits, which they breathe into their budding projects. Reflected in Flanelle Book, every shot of each editorial magnifies the importance of collaboration. 

Flanelle Book is an interpretation of unique beauty brought to you by talented creatives from across the world, this collection combines the multiple concepts, aesthetics, personalities, and perspectives behind each artist while staying true to their artistic visions. The result is a well-cultivated garden uniting the contrasting elements of hard and soft, light and dark, masculine and feminine. It is a study of emotions, interactions, objects, people, lighting, and composition that proves our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.

They bring together 14 photographers, 30 stylists and models to co-produce a unique fashion photography book. Showcasing local contributing photographers John Londono, Neil Mota, Mathieu Fortin, Martin Laporte, Maxyme G Delisle, Oumayma  B. Tanfous & Allison Staton along with international photographers Julien Barbès, Stephanie Lou, Claire Delannoy, Laurie Basset and Egor Tsodov who brings their own vision, perspective and creativity working in unison with their talented team.

The book was launched and sold at the Musée d'art contemporain with all profits donated to the Foundation of the Musée d’art contemporain.