flanelle magazine

intimacy edition - issue #16


Founder / Editor-in-Chief: Sarah-Eve Leduc
Art Director & Graphic Designer: Garrett Naccarato
Fashion Editor: Lindsay Cooper
Copy Editor: Michael Bloom
Contributing Writer: Morgane Kendall
Cover: Chiara Romagnoli

This edition as an exploration of a human emotion that is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. Constantly distracted by everything around us, we lose touch of how it really feels to build a close personal relationship with one another. From the hectic day-to-day, to the quiet moments of self-reflection, we forget that there is strength in our vulnerabilities and progress in our actions. Intimacy can mean sharing a moment with a loved one – opening your home to another – exchanging ideas and thoughts but whether that be physical or emotional we form a familiar and authentic bond that is unique to each of us. Life is about friendship, romance, and experiencing all of the feels.

Founded in 2012, Flanelle magazine is an emerging Montreal based Fashion magazine known for it’s elegant editorials and unparalleled aesthetic. Distinguishing itself from other magazines by its sheer volume and its visual approach of fashion, Flanelle aims to position itself as a blend of fashion, culture and art. Branded as a coffee table magazine, Flanelle Magazine features editorial contributions made by independent photographers and industry experts. What began as a small photobook has grown into a spectacular internationally known printed and web magazine.