flanelle magazine

softness edition - issue #19


Founder / Editor-in-Chief: Sarah-Eve Leduc
Art Director & Graphic Designer: Garrett Naccarato
Fashion Editor: Lindsay Cooper
Copy Editor: Jennifer Macini
Contributing Writers: Linsday Cooper, Albert Gridello, Eleonora Galiotto 
Cover: Tom O’neil
Artists: Andrea Kollar, Silk Laundry, Forbidden Denimeries, Fanny Poletti, Kevin Germanier,
Elisabeth Bukanova
Photographers: Antoine Coquelet, Igor Krautsou,
Tom O`neil, Nicola Favaron, Rosa Angelica, Lexi Laphor,
Maria Dominika, Charlotte Hansel, Amir Kuckovic,
Maria Bondoc, Jasmine Brunner

This edition is an exploration of the different interpretations of softness. The definition of softness often associated with femininity, light colour palette or something delicate or weak. But softness doesn’t need a gender and it doesn’t need to be a weakness. Softness as a strength can bring good to the world around us. Anger and resentment are weaknesses, while your real strength will always lie in your softness. In fashion, soft textures were always a luxurious pleasure. In this edition, we wanted to showcase different teams’ vision of softness.

Founded in 2012, Flanelle magazine is an emerging Montreal based Fashion magazine known for it’s elegant editorials and unparalleled aesthetic. Distinguishing itself from other magazines by its sheer volume and its visual approach of fashion, Flanelle aims to position itself as a blend of fashion, culture and art. Branded as a coffee table magazine, Flanelle Magazine features editorial contributions made by independent photographers and industry experts. What began as a small photobook has grown into a spectacular internationally known printed and web magazine.