Photography: Yana Matusovski
Art Direction & Editorial Design: Garrett Naccarato
Hair, Makeup & Styling: Jordan Reimer

KRUHX is a visual art company specializing in creative editorials. They are made up of three artists who all share the same instinctive eye; Photographer: Yana Matusovski, Makeup Artist/Stylist: Jordan Reimer, and Graphic Designer/Stylist: Garrett Naccarato. The advantage they have is all three have equal input into all aspects of the photoshoot. Diverse tastes create a dynamic driving force in creating provocative and modern pieces. 

The concepts created seemed unachievable with clothing from stores or showrooms. Instead, they use alternative methods to design their creations using any materials or mediums they saw fit. KRUHX wants to bring a new perspective to the creative community and provoke original though. Their attitude is to approach projects without limitations. If they have a vision, they will create it.