matt & nat

campaign, fall/winter 2018


Art Director: Garrett Naccarato
Photographer: Sophia Baboolal
Photo Assistant: Nicholas Merzetti
Retoucher: Megane Brunette
Cinematographer: Sophia Baboolal
Hair & Makeup: Nicolas Blanchet (Folio Montreal)
Stylist: Jay Forest (Folio Montreal)
Assistant Stylist: Vivi Towers
Product Stylist: Noémie Provencher
Marketing Manager: Naeme El-zein
Models: Julia L (Agence Scoop), Amos Nzamba (Folio Montreal)

Signs of Life: Focusing on persistence and quiet strength, Fall/Winter 2018 is an exploration of the elements. Like the calm before a storm, there is a feeling of anticipation. Set against a backdrop of dynamic landscapes, the campaign is set once again in nature. However, this season is less about seeking and more about seizing; these individuals are staking their claim. The calm strength inherent in nature’s elements act as a visual metaphor for the solid foundation we have built for ourselves.

Although these are vast spaces, the inhabitants are not dwarfed or minimized; they are at one with their environment. There is a seamless synergy between the individual and space - both are of a profound, powerful and peaceful existence.

MATT & NAT is a vegan handbag, footwear and accessory company founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1995. Bringing together MAT(Terials) & NAT(ure), MATT & NAT is committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs. Each season, they continue to explore new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly while providing quality, on-trend product. They are always pushing the boundaries, breaking the paradigm of what others perceive as eco-fashion.