matt & nat

campaign, spring/summer 2019


Art Director: Garrett Naccarato
Photographer: Sophia Baboolal
Photo Assistant: Nicholas Merzetti
Retoucher: Megane Brunette
Cinematographers: NXTLVL
Hair & Makeup: Nicolas Blanchet (Folio Montreal)
Stylist: Olivia Leblanc (Folio Montreal)
Assistant Stylist: Karine Leblanc
Product Stylist & Production: Noémie Provencher
Models: Naya S (Public Image Management), Nikita Berezin (Dulcedo Management)

Foundations: Set against a backdrop of industrial and modern architecture, Spring/Summer 2019 explores the power of human nature. The unadorned buildings and sterile environment symbolize a powerful potential and a clean slate from which we can build. Adapted and present, these individuals are holding their own; they are resilient.

MATT & NAT is a vegan handbag, footwear and accessory company founded in Montreal, Quebec in 1995. Bringing together MAT(Terials) & NAT(ure), MATT & NAT is committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs. Each season, they continue to explore new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly while providing quality, on-trend product. They are always pushing the boundaries, breaking the paradigm of what others perceive as eco-fashion.