the fine print magazine 

the transition issue, issue #2


Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director: Estelle Gervais
Art Director: Garrett Naccarato
Fashion Director: Bianca Di Blasio
Copy Editor/Contributing Writer: Greta Rainbow
Production Coordinator: Asma Nasri
Contributing Writers: Patrick Laba, JJ Brine, Fecal Matter, Kevin Meunier, Muhan Zhang
Guest Artists: Milan Tanedjikov & Coco Dolle
Feature Photographers: Fatine-Violette Sabiri & Tom Blesch

The shift has begun as we transition into a new era and artists find themselves at a juncture; limits or boundaries will not stop them anymore from creating something disruptive. As the new generation makes place for technology-based means to communicate and create, the market is shifting and artists are adapting. We’ve questioned ourselves on the current challenges the creative and technological industries are facing. Coco Dolle, Photographer Hal, Hendrickje Schimmel, Alex Mullins, Yung Jake and many otherspresent to us, in this 92 pages, second print edition of The Fine Print, their take on Transition. The theme is also interpreted in the form of exclusive fashion editorials shot in Montreal (Fatine-Violette Sabiri) and Berlin (Tom Blesch).

The Fine Print is a Montréal based, independently run interactive digital and print magazine, curating the fine and applied.